CARDIAID - Defibrillators for public spaces

Sun Nuclear SUA - dosimetry in radiotherapy

QFix SUA - patient fixation systems in radiotherapy

Sky Inside SUA - patient comfort systems in radiotherapy

First Sensor Germany - lymphoscintigraphy

Waterjel SUA - radiodermatesis

Capintec SUA - hot-labs

Norland Swissray Switzerland - osteodensitometers

Corning SAS France - leaded plates

Rego GmbH Germany - individual protection equipment

Jena Surgical Germany - medical lasers (Holmium, Thulium and CO2)

ASCLEPION - lasers for dermatology and aestetic medicine

AS-MEDIZINTECHNIK GmbH Germany - surgical instruments and sterilization accessories

DEWIMED - Instruments for dentistry, maxilo-facial surgery and ophtalmology