ESAOTE - ultrasound equipment

CARDIAID - Defibrillators for public spaces 

GENERAL MEDICAL ITALIA - radiological equipment


 DEWIMED & REMA - surgical and dental and orthodontic instruments, OSAS implants

 LAP/A2J LASER - laser systems for patient positioning in radiotherapy

WATER-JEL R1&R2 - radiodermathesis treatment

 WFR-AQUAPLAST/QFIX – patient positioning systems on radiotherapy

 SUN NUCLEAR - radiotherapy dosimetry

 JENA SURGICAL - surgical lasers: Ho & Th, CO2 lasers

ASCLEPION - lasers for dermatology and aestetic medicine

 AS MEDIZINTECHNIK - instruments for surgery and micro-surgery, sterilisation accessories

 NORLAND (a SWISSRAY company) - whole-body osteodensitometry equipment

REGO X-RAY - X-Ray protection equipment

FIRST SENSOR - Lymphoscintigrafy - Gamma si PET surgical probes

SCHAERER - OR tables

GIMA - Surgical suction, other medical accessories

SAMED - training units for non-invasive surgery